If you're in the mood to download a couple of games for your PlayStation 3, Sega and Rockstar Games have you covered.

First off, Sega's 2010 action classic Bayonetta will be making its digital debut on the service, only setting you back $19.99.  Despite some slight frame rate problems, it remains one of this generation's better over-the-top action games, featuring a leather-clad seductress with a pair of pistols, doing major damage to any demons that get in her way.  (The sequel is currently in the works as a Wii U exclusive.)

Meanwhile, Rockstar Games is revisiting its glorious PlayStation 2 days again, rereleasing the best-selling Grand Theft Auto: Vice City on PSN for $9.99.  (That's five bucks less than the previously released San Andreas.)  Taking place in the 80's, the game puts you in the shoes of Tommy Vercetti as he tries to retake his criminal empire.  As you can guess, it's chock full of 80's goodness, and even features Philip Michael Thomas from Miami Vice.  Nostalgia galore!

The PlayStation Store will update this Tuesday.