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Battletoads Release Date Revealed With New Trailer

by Liana Ruppert

Get ready to play as Pimple, Rash, and Zitz once more because Battletaods is coming to Xbox Game Pass and PC next month with a release date set in toad alongside a brand-new trailer to feast those nostalgic-loving eyes on. 

The Battletoads release date is set for August 20th and to celebrate, fans have a new trailer to enjoy featuring these beloved characters that have been in our hearts, but not our systems, in over 26 years! With Dlala Studios and Rare teaming up, the latest Battletoads adventure looks to be a wild ride, take a look at the new trailer and see for yourself” 

This toadally rad adventure kicks off next month and is free for Xbox Game Pass owners on day one. For those that haven’t played the original games, Battletoads was deceptively difficult. It Dark Souls before Dark Souls was ever a concept, just more green and less skeletons trying to kill you at every twist and turn. 

The above trailer shows off an effectively nostalgic 90s style tribute to the original and, according to the studio, “pays homage to the stylish, self-aware cartoon of the late 90s.” 

This launch is an exciting one for both long-time fans and newcomers to the franchise. While still difficult, the gameplay experience is infinitely more modernized, making it less of a constant punch to the face and more of a gentle knock to the back of the head instead. 

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Battletoads arrives on Xbox One and PC on August 20th. Check out what else is going on in the world of gaming with some of our previous coverage below: 

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