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Battlefield V’s Battle Royale Adds Duo Play For A Limited Time

by Prima Games Staff

Battlefield V has finally added their previously announced battle royale mode, Firestorm, and now the devs behind the newest PvP mode has added a new Duo mode! The ability to play in pairs is now live, but there’s a catch: the Duo mode is only available until Monday.

The bright side is that the Duo mode will eventually be making its way back into the game, this small period is simply for testing so that DICE can make sure the newest addition runs the way it’s meant to. The newest mode is available from now until April 15th and will promptly end at 6 AM ET. 

According to DICE, “It’s our first time putting Duo out into the wild having started work on the mode much later in Firestorms development. We love it, and we think it’s a great addition to the game, but we recognize best that we’re better hearing that from you, and we’d appreciate your support in helping to make it a strong addition to Firestorm, and Battlefield V.”

The team is looking to see what players experienced in the new mode and how they can make it better. They also want to see, in action, how this new addition affects overall gameplay including loot drops, matchmaking, and overall pacing. For those that choose to partake in the latest wave of testing for the online game, you can leave your feedback right here for the studio to chew on before moving forward. 

As for the game itself, Battlefield V is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. For more about DICE’s take on the battle royale genre: 

“A deadly ring of fire enclosing the largest Battlefield map ever. Epic weapons and combat vehicles. Squads or solo in 64-player matches. Available to all Battlefield V players. There are no second chances in Firestorm.”


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