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Battlefield Hardline Shows 12 Minutes of In-Game Footage

by Prima Games Staff

In spite of the fact that Battlefield Hardline was delayed until 2015, it seems that the developers as Visceral Games have been hard at work behind the scenes.

Today, the upcoming first-person shooter from Electronic Arts showed off two different trailers. The first, an extended look at the single-campaign showed off some of the game’s non-lethal options, including the all-new Freeze mode where players will be able to arrest enemies by flashing their badge and placing them in handcuffs.

On the multi-player front, two new game modes were announced in Hotwire and Rescue. With Hotwire, players on the cops side will be tasked with stopping criminals from stealing marked vehicles, where as Rescue takes aim at competitive players, requiring a SWAT team to save a group of hostages.

Stay tuned to Prima Games for more news on Battlefield Hardline as it becomes available.

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