It's been a while since we've had a good action comedy series.  I'm talking about stuff like The A-Team or something along those lines.  But, no, they're all so deadly serious, aren't they?  Well, that's about to change…

A report has confirmed that Fox is looking to develop an hour-long action comedy TV series based on Electronic Arts' Battlefield: Bad Company series.  It's likely to focus on the fearsome foursome that have been dishing out chaos over the past couple of games, though casting hasn't been confirmed just yet.  John Eisendrath, a writer and executive producer of the classy spy series Alias, is on board to develop the story.

It'll be interesting to see how Fox adapts this for a TV series, and if they can keep the same over-the-top action tone as the games.  And, for good measure, we also wouldn't mind seeing a golf cart every now and then.  That sure was a fun level.

Look for more information on this soon!