If you're a fan of Battlefield, you might go ahead and consider today Christmas, because Electronic Arts is giving you a gift.

The company has announced that it has over two million members of the Battlefield 3 Premium program, which offers exclusive access to maps and other goodies for avid players of the first-person shooting game.  As a reward, it's offering a redefined version of Battlefield 1942 for free through its Origin program on PC.  Sorry, console owners, you're out of luck.

"When we launched Battlefield 1942 ten years ago, we had lofty ambitions to create a first-person shooter that would push the boundaries of innovation, creativity and design," said DICE VP and general manager Karl Magnus Troedsson.  "We evolved the FPS gameplay by introducing the world to all-out warfare via land, air and sea."

You can get the game now, through March 1, 2013, free of charge.  Head over to this link to sign up and snag it.