As you could see from our impressions with it from last month's EA Summer Showcase, the Armored Kill pack for DICE's Battlefield 3 is looking amazing, with lots of tank and vehicular action to keep you coming back for more.  Now it turns out you won't have to wait too much longer for it.

EA is reporting that the Armored Kill maps and update will drop at various times throughout the month.  Premium subscribers on PlayStation 3 will get the update first, as they'll be able to access it on September 4th at no charge.  Other Premium subscribers on Xbox 360 and PC will get it on September 11th.  

However, if you're not a subscriber to that package, don't worry.  PS3 owners will be able to get the pack by itself on September 18th, while the Xbox 360 and PC maps drop on September 25th.  If you don't have Premium, this new pack will set you back $15, or 1200 Microsoft points.

EA, tanks a lot!