Even with Medal of Honor: Warfighter doing some damage in stores next week, EA hasn't forsaken fans of their hit first-person shooter Battlefield 3.  The company has announced that it is preparing the next downloadable content, Aftermath, and it's not too far off from release.

This next pack is set to drop in late November, and will feature a new mode called Scavenger.  Think of it as a variation on the Conquest mode, where you start out with just a pistol and work your way up the ranks with some newfound weaponry.  Hey, is that a crossbow?  Why yes, it is.

In addition, the expansion will include four new maps, including the new Epicenter and the Markaz Monolith.  You'll also gain access to three new vehicles, ten assignments, ten new dog tags and five new Achievements/Trophies.  There's a lot here.

The expansion will drop November 27th for PlayStation 3 first.  Premium subscribers can get it for no charge, while everyone else plunks $14.99 for it.

We'll have an exact week-by-week release schedule soon.