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Batman Returns to the Arcade With Batmobile

by Prima Games Staff

Even though the arcade scene isn’t nearly as big as the home gaming market, there are still some fun coin-ops worth checking out. That said, Specular Interactive is hard at work on a new arcade game based on the Batman universe.

Simply titled Batmobile, the game has you racing through Gotham City at top speed taking on a number of threats. This includes taking down Bane’s enforcers, going head-to-head with the likes of Two-Face and Penguin and even using everything in your arsenal to bring down Joker’s fortified busses. Think Chase HQ, but based within the DC Comics universe.

Furthermore, the game doesn’t have one Batmobile to choose from. There are many, whether you want to go with the Tumbler from the Dark Knight trilogy or the original super-vamped car from the Tim Burton films.  

No word yet on the game’s release, but it’s likely to cruise into arcades later this year.

Thanks to Arcade Heroes for the news.


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