Batman: Arkham Origins Walkthrough- Track Down The Penguin

The Dark Knight searches for one his most iconic adversaries.

Prima’s free Batman: Arkham Origins guide continues.

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Signal interference is breaking the Batwing’s Intel and preventing our hero from completing his pursue of The Penguin. 

Deactivate the Jamming Signal (A)

Go to Coventry GCN Tower. Using stealth, vents and higher ground, Batman quietly rescues some hostages to reach the control room. Then investigate the crime scene for evidence; scanning the area reveals a hidden ID card in a vent, giving Batman the exact code to hack the teller panel. (To scan objects, hold A or X in Detective Mode).  

The Cryptographic Sequencer allows Batman to hack such devices (rotate both joysticks to align the letters until the controller vibrates) to reveal the code “Unfortunate”. On the tower’s top floor, Batman encounters a signal from a familiar friend, Enigma (The Riddler).Hacking this device reveals the code “No Fly Zone.” This opens up new side quests from Enigma’s headquarters and hidden collectibles in the game. Heading to the top of the tower officially grants you access to the open world, Gotham City. 

Interrogate The Penguin’s Arms Dealer

Now having total access to Gotham City, you’re capable of roaming anywhere. Batman’s next trip is The Bowery (northwest of the Pioneers Bridge) to gain knowledge of Penguin’s whereabouts. You encounter basic side missions on the way (such as ending crime attempts that give you XP). 

Crash the arms deal and fight off the baddies; you’ll need to interrogate the remaining one. Unfortunately, you won’t get the answers you’re looking for, yet Batman will steal the SIM card from the dealer’s phone. There’s one problem, though – another jamming signal prevents the hero from hacking the card. 

Deactivate the Jamming Signal (B)

Head to the Bowery’s Communication Tower. Here, Batman is required to use his remotel-controlled Batarang; throwing it into the electrical current and then guiding it to the panel gains entry (steer the weapon using the left joystick). 

Inside the tower, Batman runs into Enigma at this terminal again. The passcode learned here (from the Cryptographer) is Keep Out. Batman is now set to hack Penguin’s conversation; move the cursor into the highlighted-circle with the Cryptographic Sequencer equipped. Alfred calls in and gives you two locations of Penguin’s SIM cards. 

Collect First SIM Card to Triangulate Penguin’s Position

The first SIM card is located at the Amusement Mile in the northeast part of Gotham. Make your way to the patio on the backside of the building. Some of Penguin’s minions await on the ground, so deal with them first. When clear, examine the laptop near the satellite and decode the conversation from your SIM card (again, you’re using the Cryptographic Sequencer to decode it). 

Now you must gain a second SIM card to track Penguin. The second card is located at the Industrial District on the west side of Gotham. Swing there and ambush Penguin’s guards (best by aerial attacks). As before, once the men are dismissed, access the laptop and decode the broadcast. You learn that Penguin has been hiding on an old ship from the conversation, and another arms deal is going down there. 

Tip: We recommend upgrading to the Ballistic Armor if you have the XP to do so. This will reduce damage to gunfire. 

Gain Access to the Final Offer

The ship where Penguin hangs out is northeast from the Industrial District. If you head to Amertek’s tower just west of the ship, Batman will scout some snipers patrolling the area. You want to use stealth to take them down and slip-in unnoticed. One is at the south lookout tower and another on the northern cargo crates. 

For an effective takedown, use the Glide Kick (hold A or X to glide, then X or Square to kick). With them dealt with, concentrate on eliminating the remaining guards on the ship’s deck one at a time. For best results, use Silent Takedowns and approach from behind, or use the deck’s vents. 

Track Down the Penguin 

After dealing with the guards, enter the double doors at the ship’s bottom deck. Head through the door on the right to Deck 1. Another group of thugs are present in the next area. Defeat them with standard tactics. Using the Batclaw, you can grapple onto rings from the structures. Pull yourself through the water with this technique. 

In the Boiler Deck,  Penguin is broadcasting a battle. The door is locked, so head up the eastern ledge above you (watch for the steam from the pipes; wait until they clear). More steam pipes are present in the upper section, so time it correctly to get through. On the top level, you’ll discover a closed pipe valve; pull it open using the Batclaw and proceed to the Boiler’s arena, where you’re pitted against Electrocutioner.  

Defeat The Electrocutioner

Though teased as a boss battle, you can simply kick or punch Electrocutioner with a single hit – he will fall immediately. That was easy, right? 

The real fight begins when Penguin’s thugs join the battle. This is a standard fight and nothing you’re not familiar with. Be sure, however, to use the Blade Dodge maneuver against the foes armed with knives. The remaining thug will need to be interrogated, so grab him. Once you’ve cleared the arena, you get a new objective: Gain access to Penguin’s office.  

Gain Access to Penguin’s Office

Check Electrocutioner’s body on the ground after the fight. Then exit via the northern door. This leads you to the Deck Access Corridor. You discover a frozen wall at the north zone after descending. Blast the wall open using Explosive Gel.  Grapple your way to the top of the following area. To get to the top, shimmy around the ledge and then look up – you can grapple from the railing above. Afterwards, enter the door to reach the Upper Deck area. Look for a cracked ceiling you can pull down using the Batclaw. Then grapple to the upper level. 

In the casino’s main hall, eliminate guards for a cut scene: Tracey will appear on the balcony and summon some more men. The Beatdown maneuver (B and X, or Circle and Square) is your savior here. Crawl through the vent. You find a panel in the room ahead; hack it with the Cryptographic Sequencer to reveal “Clandestine” as the password. Doing so will unlock a door in the casino hall. 

Back at the casino, deal with the thugs that rush in, then head inside the elevator from the western room. Ride it up by pressing the switch nearby to reach the second floor of the casino. Here, you’ll meet up with Tracey – and lock her up. Equip your Cryptographic Sequencer and hack Tracey’s computer to reveal the password “Make A Deal.” This unlocks the theater gate. 

Return to the first floor of the casino and open the theater door to the south. Several thugs guard the Theater Room. Immediately grapple to the statues above ground, then take each enemy out with stealth and/or aerial attacks.  Now exit the theater from the southern door. Here you’re treated to a disturbing cinema. After the cinema, Batman comes to the rescue. Defeat the thugs to trigger yet another cinema: Deathstroke challenges Batman to a fight. 

Defeat Deathstroke

Deathstroke will counter most of your offensive strikes. At the start, wait for him to attack, then evade and counter. For most of your attacks, you’ll need to keep an eye on the button cue and counter attack. Deathstroke can also be grabbed and pulled with your Batclaw to make your attacks more effective; he’ll be in a daze upon doing so (for the moment). Also, prepare for his pouncing attack – you need to rapidly press Y or Triangle to block his series of strikes. 

When you inflict enough damage to him, Batman will rip off Deathstroke’s helmet. Perform the Beatdown maneuver. This initiates phase two. Most of his threats are the same, but he also brings forth the Remote Claw. This tool gives Deathstroke the capability to grab Batman and detach an explosive to his rope. The good thing is, you’re capable of dodging this and throwing it back at him. 

Phase three has Deathstroke bring forth his sword. Although it’s largely similar to the previous scenarios, take note you’ll have to counter three of his attacks. Once his health reaches critical levels, you’ll witness a cinema. After the fight’s conclusion, you acquire Deathstroke’s Remote Claw. This allows Batman to grasp onto two objects and create a zip-line. Target each end of the walls in the room (RB or R1) to create a zip-line and then grapple up to it. You can also use this to grab enemies and explosive objects; connecting the two together makes for a nice finishing blow.

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