Batman: Arkham Origins Walkthrough- How to Defeat The Joker

We'll help you stop Batman's greatest foe.

Prima’s free Batman: Arkham Origins guide continues with the final act!

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This is it: Batman’s final mission. Bane has destroyed the Batcave. Alfred’s whereabouts are unknown. Joker is on the loose. Batman dons his mask one last time.  

Locate Alfred 

Go over to the computer monitors and repair the Batcomputer. This restores Batman’s cool Detective Vision; your search for Alfred should be much easier now. Immediately below you: Alfred lies injured on the cliff below. Descend there and remove the debris buried over the old man. 

Rescue Alfred

Soon enough, it appears Alfred’s done for. Time for some shock therapy: use your Shock Gloves to revive Batman’s companion by pressing the button cue. After multiple attempts, Alfred is saved.  You’re now treated to a cinema. He soon learns Joker is on the loose again, and heads after him.   

Stop the Joker 

Batman arrives at the Blackgate Prison’s main entrance. Some inmates have taken control of the jail and hold some cops hostage. All the enemies here have their backs turned, so assassinate the foe wielding a shield for a good start. Besides your Shock Gloves, you’ll want to rely on your Remote Claw; there are numerous explosive canisters you can pull towards enemies that can put them down quicker.  

Gain Access to Blackgate Prison via the Sewers 

Enter the Blackgate Sewers Access area by opening the manhole nearby. Once there, look for a breakable floor at the south end of the passage. Blast the floor open with Explosive Gel; you’ll fall down a series of levels. Now latch onto the ledge above you to land on the upper floor. You will see an anchor point on the wall across from you.  Use your Remote Claw to create a zip-line and reach the other side. The water in the next area is electrified, so rely on your Remote Claw and create cables to crossover. 

Move upward until you reach a dead end. Check the walls with your Detective View – a weak surface can be blown up with Explosive Gel. This opens a path for you to glide to. Look for the crane power and control cables panel on the wall here. Destroying it with your bare hands disables the electricity flowing in the water. This allows you to create a raft from your Glue Grenades. Form a raft, pull yourself north with the Batclaw using the rings and grapple to the upper catwalk. 

Proceed in “Control Room A” to your left. This part is a tad tricky. Hit the switch on the control station to trigger a batch of electricity in the window across from you. Once you do, immediately equip your Remote Batarang and guide it through the electric current and into the room. Break if needed and turn left – you want to aim for that small panel in the corner.  Doing so raises the water in the area. Now toss a Glue Grenade in the water to form a raft, hop on, latch to the ring with the Batclaw and then pull yourself toward the weak wall. Blast it open with some Explosive Gel to gain entry to the next area. 

This next section is all about your Glue Grenades. Form a raft in the water and begin riding it. Steam pipes are scattered throughout the passage; you’ll need to seal every one of them with Glue Grenades to get through without falling. When you reach the end, clog all the pipes you see on the pipe structure. Doing so will cause the structure to explode. Quickly grapple upward and proceed inside the Prison Maintenance area. Defeat the prisoners here, then charge the generator with your Shock Gloves. This causes the elevator to crash down beside you. Climb on top and grapple upward to reach the Nexus area. 

The Path to the Finale

In the Nexus section, you’ll need to defeat all of Joker’s men. There are plenty of vents and cover to move around. Take your time and eliminate a single guard, then go into hiding. Once they’re all clear, enter the central structure and free Harleen Quinzel, who hints at Joker’s location. Head to Cell Block B to the north. Defeat the inmates in the area. Make it simpler and use your Shock Gloves to end the fight quickly. 

Afterwards, ascend the stairs to your left and have a chat with Deathstroke. Then wrap around the walkway and descend the stairs leading to the north part of Cell Block B. A large group of prisoners occupy the hall. This can be challenging, considering the Enforcer is the biggest threat. Use your counters, evades, Shock Gloves and Special Takedowns to win this fight. 

When victorious, exit via the western door to the Panopticon Access area. You’re faced with one more gauntlet, which includes Venom Users. Try Concussion Grenades at the start and then concentrate on the regular foes. You want to save the Enforcer for last. You should know by now your Shock Gloves are your best friend! 

Defeat Bane

Meet up with the Joker and Bane at the north end of the Panopticon. It’s time to settle this. This fight is largely similar to your last encounter with Bane. Perform an Ultra Stun to shake him and give you an opportunity to attack. Remember to roll out of the way when the marker hints his attack – he will do this three times in a row and follow up with a ground smash attack. You have additional thugs in your way, but Bane can nail them often if you steer him in their direction. Take note, a Beatdown maneuver can allow Batman to rip off his venom pack to limit his offense. 

Once you’ve inflicted enough damage, and after some cinemas, Bane will inject that lethal antidote into his body and transform himself into a monstrous steroid-freak. The second round isn’t really a fight, considering you have to perform Silent Takedown maneuvers to hurt him. This battle is timed, so don’t fiddle around too much. The idea here is to hide and assault him from behind; more effectively, near the electrical generators. Doing so has Batman throw Bane into the generators, electrocuting him. This allows you to get additional hits in. The floor vents are decent hiding spots, but the wall shafts are even better since you have more room to escape if he discovers you. If he spots you, run like hell – he’ll pummel you in an instant. You must perform several Silent Takedowns to initiate the final sequence in the fight, where a quick-time event prompts you to put an end to Bane forever. 

Stop the Joker – For Real this Time

With Bane defeated, Batman begins his final hunt for the Joker. From the control room, find a ledge you can grapple to, where a ventilation shaft leads you to the Death Row zone. Drop down to the lower level through the ruined gate and watch a cut scene. Batman and Gordon team up to defeat some of the prisoners that emerge in Death Row. Defeat them and use the Aerial Attack against the ones armed with shields. 

Make your way to the Execution Chamber hall by exiting through the western door. Follow your waypoint southeast, which leads to the Prison Chapel. You find Joker inside,  and are presented with a final sequence with the madman. Continue your beat down on Joker, follow the button prompts and enjoy the closing scene.

Congratulations! You’ve completed the main story of Batman Arkham Asylum! 

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