Batman: Arkham Origins Walkthrough- How to Apprehend Firefly at Pioneer’s Bridge

Save the hostages and move one step closer to beating the game.

The Dark Knight never sleeps. Here’s the best way to complete the latest chapter of Batman: Arkham Origins.

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There’s a bounty on Batman, and the villainous Firefly is out for him. The madman threatens to blow up Gotham’s central bridge to draw Batman in.  

Apprehend Firefly at Pioneer’s Bridge

It looks as though returning to the Batcave has to wait: Firefly is holding hostages at Pioneer’s Bridge. Decode the police broadcast using your Cryptographic Sequencer, then travel to the bridge to trigger a cut scene. Batman steers Firefly away from the bridge from his Batwing. It appears Firefly has armed some bombs on the bridge, and needs to warn the police about it. 

Warn Commissioner Gordon About the Bombs

Head to the lower section of the bridge on the east side. Some SWAT officers keep watch near the door entrance. Take them out, then enter the door to arrive inside the bridge’s Maintenance Room. You meet up with Gordon here and watch a cut scene. 

Locate Firefly’s Bombs 

Approach the elevator in the maintenance hall. Hack the panel with your Cryptographic Sequencer. The passcode is Coast Guard. Hop inside the elevator shaft, grapple to the top area and ascend the ladder. You find an air duct you can pull with your Batclaw.  Continue upward to discover a generator you can recharge with your Shock Gloves. This will raise the elevator next to you and reveal three steam pipes. Clog them all with Glue Grenades to continue your scale to the top, which leads you to the Boiler Room Maintenance Corridor. 

Continue upward and pull the vent with your Batclaw. You end up in a large hall with thugs present. Batman needs to interrogate the remaining one. The room is booby trapped with explosives, so be careful when swinging around. Take out the one carrying the jammer first, then concentrate on the rest. Interrogating the last guard reveals there are four bombs on the bridge. 

Disarm the Bomb in the Boiler Room 

Disarming these bombs can be tricky. You have to hack three sets of codes under a certain time limit for each bomb using your Cryptographic Sequencer. The first one’s easy to locate – it’s right next to you.  Rip the panel off and equip your Cryptographic Sequencer. The first code is Pyromaniac, the second is Explosives and lastly, the third is Flammable. Now it’s time to head to the Train Station. 

Disarm the Bomb in the Train Station 

Enter the Maintenance Elevator Access area by exiting the Boiler Room’s eastern door. Ride the elevator up to the Train Station Maintenance zone. Unfortunately, the elevator’s power will stop. Get out and ascend the ladder. On the upper section, you find a generator – recharge it with your Shock Gloves to restore the elevator’s power and have it raised in front of you. Now crash through the wall and eliminate the punks holding some cops captive (you’ll need to deal with a foe armed with a baton; pounce over him and attack from behind). After, free officer Branden and knock him out for fun…he’s a jerk anyway. 

Ascend to the top to reach the Train Station. More hostages are being held by some thugs in a train cart. Dismiss these guys easily using stealth, then enter the Control Room at the northern door on the ground floor.  Go upstairs and access the panel inside to trigger the lift that lowers the train cart, revealing the bomb. Use your Cryptographic Sequencer like before to disarm the bomb.  In order, the three pass codes are Up In Flames, Accelerant, and Nitroglycerine.  

Disarm the Bomb at the South Pillar

Commissioner Gordon won’t cooperate, so Batman heads for the bomb at the south pillar instead. Head over to the southern door from the back hallway and recharge the subsystem with your Shock Gloves. The door leads to the Maintenance Corridor (South). Attempt to place some Explosive Gel on the cracked wall, only to crash down to the bridge’s lower section outside. Latch inside the sideway train cart above you. Then look for an anchor point on the other side of the bridge. Create a cable line with your Remote Claw from that point, and use the rope to swing further south and around the bridge. 

You have some snipers to deal with in the following area, but they can easily be assassinated as long as you stay high. When clear, go through the southern door leading to the South Pillar Electrical Room.  Some heavy duty men guard this room. Use the vent as an advantage for an easy kill. For the rest of the fight, your Shock Gloves will be the answer, but be sure to avoid the electricity surrounding the room. Afterward, turn off the electricity from the switch in the corner, allowing you access to the third bomb beyond the door. The passwords are as follows: Combustion, Smoldering and Incendiary.

Disarm the Bomb at the North Pillar 

Head back to the ruined bridge section and stay left. You will see that same weakened wall you attempted to destroy earlier. Pounce over the ledges to get there and blow the surface with Explosive Gel. Move onward and return to the Train Station by recharging the panel with your Shock Gloves at the door. Numerous thugs guard the Train Station. There’s plenty of cover to take them out individually.

Approach the door to the northwest and unlock it using your Shock Gloves on the subsystem. You gain entry to Pioneers Bridge (North). Swing north and scale the wreckage to reach the top of Pioneer’s Bridge. Ambush the baddies here and defeat the wave of additional enemies. Doing so pits you against Firefly, one-on-one.  

Defeat Firefly

Latch onto Firefly with your Batclaw to initiate the fight. Three weapons will be essential throughout this battle: the Batarang, the Batclaw and Glue Grenades. First, toss a Glue Grenade to stick him. Then launch some Batarangs at him. If you damage him enough before he breaks free, you should knock him unconscious. This gives you a great opportunity to grab and pull the boss towards you with the Batclaw. Getting him close enough allows Batman to lay the smack down on him. Firefly launches grenades at you. Roll and pounce to the side to dodge them. Use this same technique to evade his flamethrower. 

Once you inflict enough damage, the battle shifts to a different location as he attempts to destroy the bridge. Run, grapple, and scale across the bridge to land the upper section. Keep moving, pounce over the rubble and then slide underneath the truck to the open area. This spot is where you can finish him off; just be aware that he tosses a large amount of grenades this time around. When his health reaches zero, a cut scene takes place – grapple him with your Grapnel Gun to initiate a quick-time event and follow the button prompts to defeat him. 

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