Batman: Arkham Origins Walkthrough- Find Black Mask

We dive into the prologue of Batman's newest adventure.

Batman: Arkham Origins just debuted on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3? Stuck? This in-depth guide will help both you and the Dark Knight achieve max potential.

Our story begins with the Dark Knight settled into the Batcave on Christmas Eve, where the news reports that Gotham’s most-wanted criminal, Black Mask, is holding Commissioner Loeb hostage at Blackgate Prison. 

Bruce Wayne dons his bat suit and enters the ruined prison. He meets up with the prison’s warden, Martin Joseph, in a scuffle with one of Black Mask’s minions, and then saves the man using his evading techniques. (To evade, press Y or Triangle when the enemy’s head flashes.)  In Cell Block A, Batman grapples over the prison gate using his Batclaw. Pressing LB or L1 can activate special items like this. 

The passage leads to the “Nexus” area, where a heavily armored foe guards the location. Using Batman’s spin attack (press B or Circle), the guard is dazed and defeated. The Prisoner Processing hall requires the Bat to use his Detective Vision (press LB or L1 to trigger this mode); it reveals a switch on the gate that can be activated by the Batarang. Batman then descends to the lower level of the prison using Explosive Gel inside the elevator. Black Mask is spotted along with Killer Croc on the lower level; it’s time to pursue the both of them. 

Batman gains entry to the Execution Chamber after navigating through the vents of the prison, blasting a wall open (with Explosive Gel) and quickly firing the Batarang to unlock the chamber’s gate. Commissioner Loeb meets his demise thanks to the hands of Black Mask. 

After venturing through the security corridor, Bat grapples to the prison’s rooftop to battle Croc. Croc is defeated in part with quick-shots with the Batarang (causing the tanks he grabs to explode), evading tactics and the swing attack. If Croc manages to grasp our hero, follow the button prompts to shake him off. After emerging victorious, Batman returns to the Batcave. The memory card that Batman picked up can be analyzed at the Batcomputer, thus revealing new information on Black Mask: The Penguin is after him as well.

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