Batman: Arkham Origins Walkthrough- Apprehend The Joker

We'll tell you how to nab the Clown Prince of Crime.

Batman needs to locate the Electrocutioner’s electromagnetic signature to find the devious Joker, but he must  find Gotham’s highest ground to do so: Gotham’s Royal Hotel. 

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Acquire Electrocutioner’s Electromagnetic Signature 

After the fight, return to the Loading Bay and defeat a few of Black Mask’s thugs. Then approach the canister nearby and destroy it with your Explosive Gel. This opens a new side quest available in the open world: Destroy six of Black Mask’s Drug Canisters. They are marked on your map. 

Your destination is Gotham Pioneers Bridge. Swing your way there and grapple to the top part of the bridge’s central structure.  Here, you’ll find Electrocutioner’s tracker.  This will be displayed on the screen to your right; it calculates the distance from you and the villain’s location.  If the indicator turns red, you’re going in the wrong direction. 

Track the Electromagnetic Signature 

The tracker indicator guides you to the Royal Hotel at Diamond District just east of the Communication Tower. Your first order of business should be to get rid of a pesky sniper on top of the Communication Tower (he’s on the rooftop). Try a Glide Kick or dethrone him from above. 

With him gone, drop down to the street and enter the hotel from the south entrance that’s open. Some heavily-armored police block your path, so we recommend using the Concussion Detonator to daze them. When victorious, enter the Hotel Parking area ahead. 

Gain Access to the Gotham City Royal Hotel 

Take the road passage down to the zone ahead. Two of Joker’s men are oblivious and have their backs turned; use a Double Takedown to dismiss them easily. Additional thugs patrol the lower section. Head through the window and ambush them. Now approach the southern gate and hack its terminal. The passcode is “Royal Hotel.” Beyond the gate is an elevator brake switch that’s damaged. To get the elevator running again, smack the switch with your Batarang. 

Now look for an opened passage above the breaker. There are two anchor points; use them to create a zip-line with the Remote Claw and gain access to the upper room. You find a panel in this room that can open the parking gate. Hit the switch to open the elevator’s main gate. When it’s all said and done, make your way to the parking area’s elevator near the ambulance and ride it up to the Hotel Lobby. It seems The Joker is here.

Gain Access to the Security Room

The hotel lobby is on lockdown, thanks to Joker’s men. Dismiss them using your stealth tactics, then proceed to the security door on the west side and hack the panel. The code is Eye Spy. You are treated to a wicked cinema, and Electrocutioner meets his demise, thanks in part to The Joker.  

After the cinema, you require a new weapon: the Shock Gloves. The Shock Gloves are very effective against armored foes and shield-wielding enemies. It needs to be fully-charged in combat. To charge them, execute a series of combos or counter attacks; the charge bar is located on the top-left of the screen below your health. When charged, click both joysticks to trigger them. You can also restore power from electrical panels and such with these gloves to gain access to new areas. 

Gain Entry to the Penthouse

There’s a lift in the main lobby near Electrocutioner’s body with a portable generator. Use your newly-acquired Shock Gloves to charge its power and get moving. It takes you to the glass roof of the Hotel Lobby. 

Grapple outside to the rooftop and launch to the 10th floor of the East Tower. Proceed into the next room and charge the electrical subsystem using your Shock Gloves. This opens the gate ahead just a tad, but it’s enough for you to slide under and eliminate the simple baddies in the hall. 

Head west and enter the Laundry Room.  Equip your Batclaw and pry open the vent on the wall. Venture into the Elevator Shaft and hop onto the top of the far lift (the other will fall).  Recharge the power of this elevator from the generator using your Shock Gloves; you’ll ride it up to the 19th floor. A thug looks down upon you from above; defeat him with a Ledge Takedown, then dismiss his buddies in the upper room.  Afterwards, talk to the hotel employee for some new information. When done, approach the eastern gate and raise it by recharging its circuit with your Shock Gloves. 

Get to the West Tower 

Proceed down the hall while Joker taunts you from TV screens. Approach the open window and look across to the other tower. Equip your Remote Claw and shoot the anchor point just above the guard to create a zip-line. Ride the cable to the other tower and knock the thug out in the process.  This lands you in the West Tower’ s 19th floor.  Wrap around the hall to encounter some thugs behind a gate and a turret. Disable the turret with your Disruptor. Then recharge the subsystem on the wall with your Shock Gloves to open the gate. Defeat these thugs and head inside the West Tower Ventilation Shaft from the door nearby. 

Reach the top of the ventilation shaft by scaling the beams and grappling upward. At the top, create a zip-line with your Remote Claw to reach the switch console. This will stop the ventilation fan above you from spinning. From there, grapple up to the vent near the ceiling and head into the next area. Some steam blocks your path; pull open the pipe valve using your Batclaw to clear the way. Continue moving upward, taking a guard out, and eventually arriving on the West Tower’s  25th floor. 

Solve Joker’s Puzzles in his Funhouse 

The hallway is full of snow, thanks to the windows being left opened. Follow the hallway to the west wing and deal with the thugs. Then head into the Ballroom to your left. Descend the shaft passage to reach the lower level of the ballroom. An Enforcer and his friends guard the area. Toss a Concussion Grenade to fool them, and then dismiss each one.  

When clear, proceed into the southern room for a puzzle: the water floor becomes electrified thanks to some electric chairs. You have 1:30 to navigate through here and access the security panel beyond this hall. First, hit the street poles to your left and right with your Batarang. Doing so will reveal anchor points in which you can create a zip-line with your Remote Claw. Grapple the line and glide to the wooden platform, then blast the wall open with Explosive Gel. Behind this wall is the computer room; hack into the security panel to reveal the passcode Knock Knock

The electricity will stop, granting you access to the flooded floor below. Ascend the ladder from the back room for another puzzle. Stepping onto the floor switch triggers electricity through the clown’s eye to your left. Stand on the switch, throw a Remote Batarang, guide it through the electricity and then steer into the other eye. You need to hit the control panel with the Batarang in the room in front of you. This will open a latch above you. Head upward. 

Go through the checks and move west to another room. Yet another puzzle is presented to you. Stand on the switch: four balloons inflate and you need to hit them in a certain order with your Batarang. . The order is given to you as each clown lights up. From left to right, we’ve numbered them and the order: 1, 4, 2, 3. A second session begins, so hit them in this order:  3, 4, 2, 1. This opens up the gate nearby.  

Activate the Jack in the Box

Several foes roam the ground level nearby. Toss a Concussion Grenade and let them have it. When they’re dealt with, swing up to the balcony above you and hit the switch from the console, thus activating a large jack-in-the-box with an anchor point on its nose. Shoot your Remote Claw to create a zip-line and then grapple to it. The cable leads to the northern balcony and the 25th floor of the West Tower. Go to the northern hall and save the hotel employee from the thug using a Silent Takedown. Now continue north to the Overview Bar. 

In the Overview Bar, use the floor shafts to gain entry. You need to defeat Joker’s men and save the hostages. It’s a good time to activate your Shock Gloves for a huge advantage, especially against the Enforcer. Afterwards, go through the northern door and check the window to your left – it’s weak. Some Explosive Gel does the trick. Batman now flies outside to Exterior Facade. Look up and grapple to the window with the decorated carpet to gain entry to 28th floor of the East Tower.

Go east and charge the generator on the wall with your Shock Gloves to open the gate. This leads to another decorative room put together by The Joker. Approach the Happy New Year clock and hack into the panel with the Cryptographic Sequencer – the password turns out to be “Happy New Year.”  Joker isn’t too fond of Batman’s attempts, and sets the bomb timer to explode any second. Crash through the window to watch a cut scene: Batman lands on a news chopper. 

Drop down to East Tower Terrance from the chopper. Here you’ll battle Joker’s goons in the chopper’s point of view for a moment.  To make this fight easy, chain some combos to charge your Shock Gloves, and use them as the armored foe appears. When victorious, grapple up the balcony and enter the 40th floor of the East Tower. Follow the hall and enter the door leading to the Swimming Pool. The pool hall is large with great vantage points to defeat the guards, but be careful of the proximity mines scattered in the room, including some on the gargoyle statues. Use stealth here and clear the room, then drop down to the bottom level. Approach the elevator, equip your Cryptographic Sequencer and then hack the elevator’s panel to reveal Splash Down as the passcode. Ride it down to watch a cut scene: time to fight Bane! 

Boss Fight – Bane 

As the fight starts, counter Bane’s standard attacks to deliver a comeback. Take note that when the marker turns red, Bane’s threats are impossible to counter, so jump out of the way. It won’t take long before Bane injects some venom into himself, and you’re faced with the second phase of the fight. The Ultra Stun maneuver (B, B, B or Circle, Circle Circle) is the only way to stun Bane in this segment. Follow the stun maneuver with a Beatdown attack to add damage. Even better, perform a Special Takedown (B and Y, or Circle and Triangle) to disable his venom device; Batman will rip it off his back. If Bane grabs you, retaliate by pressing the button indicated rapidly, or dodge his blows.  

The third phase takes the fight outside. In this segment, Bane charges at you and pounds the ground. Evade these threats by pouncing to the left or right – DO NOT stop moving when he performs this. As before, you’ll need to use a Special Takedown to disable his venom pack. Some of Joker’s minions join the fight, but this is a good thing. The thugs will help you charge up your Shock Gloves and unleash powerful attacks. Bane will recharge his venom multiple times, but the idea here is to knock him down repeatedly until the cops arrive. 

When you win the battle against Bane, you’re treated to a lengthy cinema. A quick-time event is presented to you while falling off the building with The Joker. Press the button cue when noted. Then you take control of Joker and venture into a series of his past memories. It’s streamlined here, so we won’t spoil anything. 

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