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Batman: Arkham Origins TV Ad Shows Bruce Wayne’s Plight

by Prima Games Staff

With Batman: Arkham Origins just over a week away from release, the excitement has built to a fever pitch for the long-awaited prequel. Today, Warner Bros. Interactive Games released a new TV spot for the game, which deals with Bruce’s hard days in his youth and his eventual growth into the Dark Knight. You can watch the ad below.

As you may well know, Bruce Wayne had a tough childhood, losing both of his parents to a street robbery and dealing with so many issues afterwards. It’s all for the better, though, as the ad closes with him donning the Batman costume and taking a punch from a criminal like it was nothing, only to strike back with one of his own.

No word yet if the game will address these past issues, but considering that it does concentrate on a younger Batman, we wouldn’t be surprised if they came up.

Batman: Arkham Origins releases on October 25th for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U and PC.

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