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Batman: Arkham Origins Getting New Story-Based DLC

by Prima Games Staff

Batman: Arkham Origins has seen a fair share of downloadable content, mainly in the form of new maps for multiplayer. However, WB Games has confirmed that additional DLC is inbound – and this time around, it’ll focus more on the single player story.

The developers at WB Games Montreal have confirmed the next content for the game, which, according to the image provided, will focus on the introduction of Mr. Freeze. Although the ice cold killer himself isn’t featured, the image features sharp icicles and, of course, a diamond, where Freeze gets a majority of his power.

We’ll have more details on the DLC in the weeks ahead, including when it’s slated for release and which platforms. For now, just be thankful it’s not the Arnold Schwarzenegger version of Freeze. See below for evidence as to why this is a good thing.

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