We love Bastion. Not only is it a breathtaking adventure with visual beauty packed into every single frame, but it also has one of the most original narrators in video gaming, keeping up with all the action that's happening on-screen. You've seen it on consoles already, but you'll be able to download it to your iPad as well later this week .


Supergiant Games has announced that Bastion will be available in the App Store starting tomorrow, Thursday, for $4.99. The game is only be playable on the iPad at the moment, using its full capabilities and coming complete with running commentary and that beautiful art style intact. As for why the game isn't being planned for iPhone devices, a Supergiant rep stated that they "felt the game experience would not translate well to the iPhone's smaller screen."


If you get a chance, we highly suggest checking it out. This is a great adventure that's well worth the price tag…and "we ain't foolin'".