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Bandai Namco and Dontnod Announce Twin Mirror for Xbox One, PS4, and PC

by Larryn Bell

It seems that many game developers are choosing not to wait until E3 to announce their upcoming projects. As part of Sony’s countdown to E3, publisher Bandai Namco and developer Dontnod Entertainment, the creators of Life is Strange and Vampyr, revealed their next upcoming title, a story-driven adventure called Twin Mirror.

Twin Mirror unveils the story of a man named Sam, who has returned to his hometown of Basswood, West Virginia to attend the funeral of a close friend. After waking up in his hotel room with a shirt covered in blood and no recollection of the previous night’s events, Sam must investigate his hometown to get to the bottom of his confounding situation. Check out the first trailer for Twin Mirror below.

Twin Mirror looks like an interesting cross between Alan Wake and Twin Peaks. It appears Twin Mirror will also be primarily a choice-based adventure, which is the type of narrative experience that Dontnod seems to favor for their games. Here is an overview of Twin Mirror’s key features, according to the official game page on

  • Play a Thrilling Investigation – Recall your memories and find the truth by exploring the dark undertones of a small town in West Virginia.
  • Embark on an Emotional Journey – Sam’s quest is also one of redemption in his journey to find himself again and heal his wounded heart.
  • Direct Sam’s Fate – Your choices and values decide Sam’s place in life as you shape his relationships with the Basswood’s inhabitants.

The new Twin Mirror trailer arrives just days after the launch of Dontnod’s latest action RPG, Vampyr. Based on the trailer, it appears that Twin Mirror may have more in common with Life is Strange than their most recent blood-sucking adventure game, but we’re sure Twin Mirror has plenty of mystery and intrigue in store for fans looking for a thrilling adventure game. 

Twin Mirror will launch for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC sometime in 2019. Stay tuned for more details on Twin Mirror in the coming months.