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Balrog Returns For Another Round In Street Fighter 5

by Prima Games Staff

Capcom made waves over the past weekend by announcing that not only will Street Fighter 5 be able to get their hands on Ibuki and Story Mode with this Friday’s forthcoming update, but also another Street Fighter legend – Balrog.

The fighter was revealed in a new trailer this weekend, laying waste to his opponents with a flurry of punches. He will be unlocked instantly for those that purchased a Season Pass for the game, and can also be bought in-game using currency earned over the course of several matches.

He’s not the only one joining the party. The trailer, which can be seen below, also teased the return of two other characters – Street Fighter 3’s Urien (in a business suit, no less) and Street Fighter 4’s Juri (in a slick biker set-up). There’s no word on when they’ll be coming to the game, but they look very playable, so they shouldn’t be too far off.

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