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Axl Rose/Guitar Hero Lawsuit Has Its Day In Court In February

by Prima Games Staff

It was announced this morning that Axl Rose, the lead singer for Guns n’ Roses, will have his day in court with his pending lawsuit against Activision Blizzard and their Guitar Hero franchise in 2013.


In the lawsuit Rose charges Activision for mislabeling Guitar Hero III as a Guns n’ Roses effort with the involvement of former Guns n’ Roses guitarist Slash as well as the band’s song “Welcome To the Jungle”. There’s also another part of the suit claiming breach of contract, as Axl’s band was supposedly set to get their own game.


“The reason I did not file a lawsuit is because Activision – through my managers and representatives – offered me a separate video game and other business proposals worth millions of dollars to resolve and settle my claims relating to GHIII,” Rose stated in his deposition. “From December 2007 through November 2010, Activision was offering me a Guns N’ Roses dedicated video game, a game dedicated to music from the ‘Chinese Democracy’ album, and other proposals.”


We’ll see where this goes…. Activision’s already facing legal trouble from the band No Doubt over the improper use of their bandmate images in Band Hero. Yikes.

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