Though Zen Studios did just miss the release of the Avengers Chronicles pinball pack in time for the blockbuster movie… well, close enough!

The publisher has announced today that it’s finally ready to release its four-pack of amazing new Marvel licensed tables, Avengers Chronicles, for Marvel Pinball and Pinball FX 2 next week.  The PSN version, which works with Marvel, arrives on June 19, and the Pinball FX 2 edition arrives on the 20th.  Both will sell for $9.99 for each four-pack.

This package includes a number of great new tables, including a World War Hulk themed setting, an incredibly creative Infinity Gauntlet table with a number of unique effects (depending what elements are in play), and a fun offering that’s based on the Avengers film of the same name.

To celebrate the release, Zen Studios has released a new trailer showcasing the awesome new Infinity Gauntlet table, which you can view here.  Get ready to rack up those high scores next week.  (Though chances are you won’t beat ours.  Sorry…)