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Avalanche’s Harry Potter RPG is Hogwarts Legacy, Announced for 2021

by Lucas White

During the September 2020 PlayStation 5 showcase, Warner Bros. Interactive and Avalanche Software finally revealed the Harry Potter RPG that famously leaked a while ago. The rumored title was Hogwarts: A Dark Legacy, but the official title is simply Hogwarts Legacy. We got to see a lot of in-game footage in the announcement trailer, including a battle against a fire-breathing dragon, classes at Hogwarts, and some looks at what were presumably the results of a character creation suite.

Currently, Hogwarts Legacy is targeting a 2021 release window.

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A PlayStation Blog post following the PlayStation 5 showcase gave us some more details on Hogwarts Legacy. There’s an extra bit of branding you may not have noticed during the trailer, labeling Hogwarts Legacy under the “Portkey Games” brand. This is Warner Bros.’ label for expanded universe Harry Potter games, the kinds that go beyond the stories in the books. Hogwarts Legacy itself is set in the 1800s, well before the contemporary Harry Potter lore stuff was established. This, according to the game’s writers, gave them a level of freedom to tell stories that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.

Warner Bros. also launched its own website for the game, giving fans a chance to sign up for a newsletter in exchange for some desktop wallpaper made for the game. There are also additional plot details that better add context to what the player will be doing. The player character “holds the key to an ancient secret,” which seems to be the story’s main conflict. The player character also has a dramatically unique magical ability, and there’s an element of player choice that seems to nod to Mass Effect-style alignment options.

Are you excited to finally have a clear picture and view of what Hogwarts Legacy actually is? Are you excited to insert yourself into the “Wizarding World?” Or are you going to wait and see what other details come in the coming months? Let us know what you think about this game over at the Prima Games Facebook and Twitter channels!