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Attack on Titan Scout Mode Info

by Bryan Dawson

Koei Tecmo America is finally ready to discuss the multiplayer Scout Mode and a few additional gameplay mechanics in the upcoming Attack on Titan game. Scout Mode allows players to recruit up to three companions online to venture outside the wall and face the Titans together as a team. Starting at the camp, team members are able to upgrade their gear, change their costumes and prepare resources for the upcoming battle.

The leader of the group is also able to choose from a wide selection of missions taking place across a variety of different stages, including the Forest of Giant Trees, the Ruined Town, a Farm Village and even the Stohess District. These missions, separate from the main campaign, offer further action-packed events to face as a team.

Throughout Attack on Titan players will have the opportunity to upgrade their titan-slaying gear. The Omni-Directional Mobility Gear, blades, and scabbard can be enhanced at the camp with materials found from slaying Titans on single player and multiplayer missions. Enhancements to the Omni-Directional Mobility Gear include improved anchors, allowing them to attach on to Titans from a greater distance and at faster speeds. Blades can be sharpened, as well as improved to become longer and more durable, with scabbard upgrades allowing additional blades and gas canisters to be carried. It is important for players to enhance their equipment to perform more effectively on the battlefield.

Koei Tecmo also released a new gameplay video highlighting the Decisive Battle Signal. Rescuing regiment members in danger and slaying Titans will fill up the Decisive Battle Meter which, once used, calls everyone in the player’s vicinity to their side to deal a great amount of damage. When activated their attack damage will be heightened, with the blunting of blades and depletion of gas momentarily stopped

Attack on Titan will release on August 30 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in both digital and retail options, and for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and PC via Steam with only a digital release.

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