Assassin’s Creed Unity Sequence 11 – Memory 1: Bottom of the Barrel – Kill the Gang Leader

After stealing some wine and defending yourself, find and kill the gang leader at the palace.


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  • Four Cherry Bomb lures
  • Two Poison Gas kills

Steal Some Wine

Start by sneaking through the nearby door and snapping into cover against the wall and behind the Extremist. From there, toss a Cherry Bomb lure (if you own it) to the north, not too far or you won’t distract the guard right next to you. Throw two if you have to. From there, head east, using your Eagle Vision to spot another guard, then throw one more Cherry Bomb to distract him. With all the guards chasing shadows, climb up and over the house to the east, landing on the street.

Your objective is quite simple from this point forward. Simply sprint along the street until you reach the marker, then climb in the second story balcony and steal the wine when nobody is looking.

Go to the Brasserie

Run along the street to your objective marker to trigger a cut scene. We’d like to pretend this task is more complicated than it sounds, but it’s not.

Defend Yourself

When the cut scene ends, you’ll need to start taking out as many Brutes, Extremists and Seekers that you can. Don’t worry, you can’t possibly win this battle, it’s just a matter of satisfying your ego by lasting longer than any normal person should. Let’s see what you can do, assassin.

Tackle the Thug

In case you hadn’t gotten enough cardio in one memory, you’re now going to chase the thug, tackling him when you get close. Pay attention to the objective marker on your screen and mini-map, using those visual aids to stay close on the thug’s tail.

Find the Gang Leader

Sneak into the next room and take cover behind an object near the middle of the room. When the Extremist walks by, end him with a cover kill, then sneak up and introduce his buddy to the Hidden Blade.

Sneak into the next room and take cover by the northwest door. Allow the Brute to walk away, then kill the two Extremists with your hidden blade, snapping into cover next to a piece of furniture with a sheet draped over it. From here, hit the Brute with a Berserker Blade, waiting for his friends to start a fight with him. Once everyone is trying to kill everyone else, throw a Poison Gas Bomb in the middle and complete the challenge. if you don’t get two kills, just throw another one at a foe somewhere down the line.

With the room clear, loot the bodies and head west, using your Eagle Vision to spot a lone Brute pacing through a bedroom. Easy enough, just sneak up behind him and take him down with a hidden blade kill, then move into the next room and do the same with the two Extremists.

Make your way on a balcony to the south, taking note of one stationary and one patrolling Extremist. Wait for the guy on patrol to move away, then drop down and kill the dude who’s dozing off. When his buddy returns, kill him as well and then head through the door to the west.

This part can be tricky, but most problems can be solved with a properly placed Berserker Blade. Snap into cover along the wall, then pop out and put a Berserker Blade into one of the three Extremists in the room. After that, you can either watch the fight, or take an opportunity to fire a few Phantom Blades to hurry things along. When the room is clear, you’re headed through the door to the east, then another to the north.

Wait for the patrolling Extremist to walk past the door with his back to you, then take him out and move up to do the same to his friend crouched behind the piano. Head out the door opposite of the one you entered through, moving along the familiar corridor and turning south. Take cover behind a pillar for your final showdown of the memory.

Kill the Gang Leader

From your position behind the pillar, either hit the gang leader with a Berserker Blade or hit one of his pals with one. In fact, you might want to hit two of your foes with Berserker Blades, even throwing in some Phantom Blades, Poison Gas and whatever else you have. The point is, kill everyone and do it in a way where you aren’t at risk. When the gang leader is dead, the memory will come to an end.

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