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Assassin’s Creed Origins Voice Actor Announces New Studio

by Liana Ruppert

Last week, Bayek’s voice actor from Assassin’s Creed Origins teased a “major” reveal coming down the pipeline. Many assumed, including ourselves, that this would be the official reveal for the long-rumored and much-leaked Assassin’s Creed Ragnarok but it looks like we were way off base. Nope, instead Abubakar Salim was teasing something much bigger: his own studio! 

Salim announced that his is the co-founder of a brand new game studio called Silver Rain Games, a studio where he will also be leading the charge as creative director. Joined by co-founder Melissa Phillips with BAFTA’s Phillips as the head of studio, the pair is ready to lead into the next generation of gaming with their own voice. 

Silver Rain Games is confirmed to be a small studio at this time with five employees with growth already planned on the horizon. The two are also working with a few different production studios to bring the company’s first experiences over into the realm of TV and comicbooks as well. 

According to the studio’s new website, “Silver Rain Games is an independent game development studio with the intention of welcoming new audiences to the games industry. We value flexibility and aim to create a safe space for our team to explore and find their role within the game industry of today.”

You can learn more about the new studio and what their plans are with the future of gaming over at as part of their ongoing Rezzed Digital event going on now! 

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