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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Update Includes New Game+ and Free Features

by Prima Games Staff

Ubisoft is giving Assassin’s Creed Odyssey players a chance to start all over again. The game developers announced its plans for the February update, which includes the highly requested New Game+ mode, which allows players to replay the entire game from the beginning without having to sacrifice their gear, skills, resources, or level progression. But fans can choose to play as a new character and make different decisions to see how they play out.

To access New Game+, you must first finish the main campaign. Then you choose the save that you want to bring into the new game. That copies the info over to New Game+ without deleting the original save file. Then you’re free to return to ancient Greece as the soon to be famous Eagle Bearer.

Additionally, Ubisoft released the newest Lost Tales of Greece adventure, “A Brother’s Seduction.” In it, you will find a poet who directs you to the Port of Kechries, where there are two brothers grieving over their father’s passing. However, they both end up falling for you and compete with each other to win your affections. The free DLC mission is available to play now if you’ve completed Chapter 5 of the main story, so you can jump right into this family drama.

Other additions include a level cap increase to 99, accompanied by three additional Engraving tiers from Hephaistos’s Workshop. New ship upgrades are being added along with 22 Fast Travel points to make getting around the Greek islands a little easier.

Another two mercenary tiers will also be added, and with them come new benefits. They include a 10 percent more Orichalcum for taking down rivals and an increased drop rate for epic gear.

Lastly, the next title update is also bringing frames to Photo Mode, so that you can properly decorate your favorite shots and perhaps submit them to a photo contest. You may even want to pick up one of the new premium costume packs from the AC store before striking a pose.

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