It's been a crazy day for game trailers here at Prima Games, and Ubisoft decided to add to it by releasing its awesome Assassin's Creed III launch trailer, on the eve of the game's arrival in stores tomorrow.


The trailer, a whopping 2+ minute clip of awesome, tells the story of Connor, and how he became an assassin. It turns out his mother was killed by rogue army forces during the American Revolution, but they make the mistake of leaving him alive. Years later, he adapts to the ways of the assassin and joins the Brotherhood, using various weapons in his fight to avenge his mother's death while aiding his country.


Meanwhile, don't forget the coordinating story that deals with Desmond Miles in his present-day fight against Abstergo and his use of the powerful device known only as The Apple. It's not in the trailer, but it's obviously a huge part of the game.


Look for Assassin's Creed III in stores tomorrow. Meanwhile, watch the trailer below. Just…wow.


YouTube trailer: