Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag Guide- How to Complete Sequence 12

Edward obtains the rope dart and kills his enemies!

Memory 01: A Governor No Longer

Sidebar: Optional Objectives

– Kill the diplomat from a haystack

– Kill Rogers from a bench

With a brand new and better-looking quartermaster, you sail for Kingston. It’s fairly close to your current destination, but feel free to fast travel if you like. Head to the mission start point to meet with an assassin and obtain the information you need.

Your next objective is to locate the Italian diplomat. Head to the search area and activate Eagle Vision to find him. Once found, you must tail him. When he stops, he’s standing near a haystack. Climb up on the roof and dive into the haystack to kill him and complete the optional objective.

With a new disguise, it’s time to head to the party. Wait just inside the party until Rogers starts to move. There’s a bench on the left shortly after you walk in. Wait on the bench for Rogers to walk by if you wish to kill him and complete the optional objective.

Once Rogers is dead, you need to get out of the area and hide. The best way to do this is to blend in with the group of people dead ahead who are leaving the party. Stick with them until you’re clear of the area, then head to the Assassins’ bureau to complete the mission.

Memory 02: Royal Misfortune

Sidebar: Optional Objectives

– Kill guards by destroying powder barrels (8)

– Use the rope dart to kill Roberts

Head to the wheel of the Jackdaw and sail to 976,423 to begin the next mission. If you’re looking to fast travel there, the Great Inagua hideout (845,468) is the closest location. When you reach the destination, your next objective is to locate Bartholomew Roberts.

You can storm the island or go in with stealth in mind. If you wish to get the optional objective, find an explosive barrel and whistle to get the attention of the guards (or run out into the open to get all eight at once), then ignite the barrel as they’re approaching.

When you find Roberts, he makes a run for his ship. You have 30 seconds to make it to the wheel of the Jackdaw. Luckily, it’s straight ahead, so run forward, dive into the water and head for the wheel of your ship.

With Roberts on the run, there are several ships after him. If you’ve got a heavily upgraded ship, feel free to go head on into the battle. However, the other ships will attack Roberts’ ship and get the Jackdaw if it gets in their way, so be cautious. If you ship is not upgraded enough to hang in the firefight, launch mortars from a distance and let the other ships do most of the work. When Roberts’ ship is heavily damaged, move in for the kill, then board her.

Once you’ve boarded, your only objective is to kill Roberts. If you use the rope dart, you complete the optional objective as well.

Memory 03: Tainted Blood

Sidebar: Optional Objectives

– Use guards as a human shield (2)

– Stay out of combat

The next mission begins in Havana. The city is locked down, so if you want to stock up on supplies, do so before you head to the port. Fast travel there if you like, or take the long way. Head into the city to find your contact at the top of a building. Your first objective is to locate Laureano Torres. Stick to the rooftops as you approach the church. Torres is found around the northeast corner of the church, on the ground. Use Eagle Vision to find him easier when you’re in the area.

Once you find Torres, you have to tail El Tiburón and Torres. When he arrives at the fortress, head to the roof, take out the gunman and move over to the ropes and assassinate Torres from above. With him down, all that’s left is El Tiburón, but you can’t best him with swordplay. Instead, you need to use your guns. Other soldiers also attack. If you stay away from El Tiburón, he’ll fire his gun at you. Use the other soldiers as human shields to get the optional objective.

When you’re ready to take El Tiburón down and if you need to reload, just back away slowly and you’ll have plenty of time to do so. If you need more ammo, run up to the second floor to find ammo crates. If you’re far enough away from El Tiburón, you’ll be able to fully restock your ammo.

With both targets down, your next objective is to escape the area and hide. Once you’re out of danger, head for the Assassins’ bureau.

Memory 04: Ever A Splinter

Sidebar: Optional Objectives

– Free the guardian hostages (7)

– Use the Observatory’s defenses to kill guards (4)

The next mission begins at the observatory. If you wish to fast travel to get closer to your destination, head to Misteriosa (307,195). There’s a Man O’ War waiting for you near the destination. If your ship is not upgraded enough, you do not have to fight it. Sail around to the far side of the Man O’ War and you can coast into the destination without an altercation.

Swim ashore and head into the jungle. Your target is the observation room. You will not face any opposition until you get to the restricted area. From that point forward, there are several guards holding guardians captive. Free them to complete the optional objective.

When you reach the observatory, watch out for the bright light, as it will kill Edward in an instant. You watch the soldier die in front of you, then you can either run through the hallway immediately, or stand back and wait for the second death light before moving on.

Once you move on, you must stay on the move. Jump to the first platform and wait for it to rise up to the platform with the three guards. Jump over to it and kill them, then jump to the platform on your left, not straight ahead to the destination. From there, you must climb as high as you can go, then move to the far left before you can jump over to the next platform and eventually to your destination.

When you arrive, you must kill Loreano Torres, but he has guards there as well. In addition, the death lights of the Observatory defenses are a danger. However, if you kill the soldiers using the defenses, you’ll earn another optional objective.

Take out the guards, then move forward, avoiding the defenses. You have to deal with a few platforms falling when you jump over to them, but as long as you jump carefully, you have nothing to fear. When you reach the portion of the climb where you’re moving horizontally across the glowing stones, avoid the defenses. You do not have a lot of time to move between death lights.

When Torres is within range, wait until the light encasing the platform he’s standing on is gone, then take him down with an air assassination to complete the mission!


After you watch the trailer, head back to your desk for one last go at Edward and crew. Congratulations, you’re done!

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