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Ark: Extinction Gets New Dinosaurs and Titans This November

by Josh Hawkins

The fall is stacking up to be a busy time for gamers around the world, especially with all the new releases slated to come out. But, new releases aren’t the only thing to be excited for. On top of the slew of new games coming out, Studio Wildcard’s hit survival adventure game, Ark, is also slated to receive it’s newest DLC this November in the form of Extinction, a new DLC that adds new dinosaurs as well as massive Titans for players to take on.

The new DLC is currently set to release on November 6, as the third DLC from the developers. You can check out the trailer for the DLC below.

As you can see, there are quite a few things to look forward to in the new DLC, including some new dinosaurs that you can look forward to learning more about. Thanks to a breakdown from PC Gamer, we now know that there is a new dino that you can tame called a ‘Gasbag’. This dinosaur acts like massive pack mule, and you can inflate them to fly around the world—similar to a hot air balloon.

On top of this, players can also expect to see some other dinosaurs, which will include some things like teleportation powers and other things. One of the biggest changes, though, is the inclusion of Titans, a new type of boss enemy that players will be able to rally against in order to take on challenging fights and more.

There’s quite a bit to look forward to in the new DLC, but information on it is still pretty sparse—and likely to change as the expansion grows closer to it’s final launch in November. For now, you can check out our other Ark: Survival Evolved guides to get some basic information on the game’s current content and available expansions.


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