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Are We Actually Eating Pokemon? Pokemon Sword and Shield Devs Won’t Tell Us Their Sausage Secret

by Liana Ruppert

Are we, or are we not eating Pokemon? That is the question and dammit, inquiring minds want to know. When a shot of delicious looking curry from Pokemon Sword and Shield went viral, director Shigeru Ohmori was in the hotseat. Or curry seat … you get the idea. 

Game Informer held one of their rapid-fire interviews once more with Ohmori-san and one of those questions was whether or not Pokemon eat other Pokemon within that universe. More specifically, if the meat in the Sausage Curry is artificial or adorable pocket monsters. The answer? A super dodgy “I don’t know what it is.” But that smirk! That smirk he has says it all and yes, yes it is a very slow news day and yes, I get super passionate about things that really don’t matter. 

Sue me. 

You can watch the full interview, even about sausages, right here. You can also learn more about the upcoming Pokemon game with our hub here to learn more about the starters, which Pokemon have been confirmed so far, and more. 

As for the game itself, Pokemon Sword and Shield officially releases on the Nintendo Switch on November 15, 2019. For more about the adorable role-playing adventure, check out what Nintendo had to say about their latest game below: 

“Begin your adventure as a Pokémon Trainer by choosing one of three new partner Pokémon: Grookey, Scorbunny, or Sobble. Then embark on a journey in the new Galar region, where you’ll challenge the troublemakers of Team Yell, while unraveling the mystery behind the Legendary Pokémon Zacian and Zamazenta! Explore the Wild Area, a vast expanse of land where the player can freely control the camera. Team up with three other players locally or online in the new multiplayer co-op Max Raid Battles* in which players will face off against gigantic and super-strong Pokémon known as Dynamax Pokémon.

“Certain Pokémon can even Gigantamax to gain a new look and a powerful set of G-Max moves. But there’s more to being a champion than honing your battle skills: you can pick your own clothes and get a new hairdo while visiting the stores in town, so you can be the trainer you want to be. Throughout your journey, you’ll encounter newly discovered Pokémon as well as familiar ones that will look a little different in their new Galarian forms! For another way to level up your Pokémon, assign them Poké Jobs to complete, and for fun, you can even play with your Pokémon in Pokémon Camp!”

Liana Ruppert

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