Are 20 Evil Hackers Hacking Roblox on November 9? – Answered

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Rumor on the streets is that today, November 9, 2022, there might be a problem with Roblox, according to some users on TikTok and Twitter. There have been many warnings that you must log out from Roblox on November 9 to avoid getting permanently banned, and some even more drastic ones that claim Roblox itself will be deleted and turned into dust! Perfectly balanced as all things should be, and all that.

Will Roblox Be Attacked By Hackers on November 9, 2022?

Before we go on, we need to remind everyone that there was a similar incident for April Fools back in 2012 which makes people believe that a similar incident can and will happen sometime in the future (or today, allegedly).

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Where Did The Rumors About Hackers Attacking Roblox Come From?

We have tried to dig deep into TikTok and Twitter to see who started spinning this nonsense, but we couldn’t find much, unfortunately. Based on videos we watched, it just sounds like a bunch of nothing. Stories keep getting changed from the “entirety of Roblox will be shut down” to “your stuff will be stolen from your account” to “your account will be banned” and there are no credible sources to make us believe that any of this is going to happen!

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Is It Safe To Play Roblox On November 9?

It will be absolutely safe™ to play Roblox today. Roblox has a better security system now than it had 10 years ago, and such breaches are really unlikely to happen, especially when they are announced like this. The Roblox team is definitely careful when it comes to these matters. However, in that one-in-a-million case scenario where a nuclear fallout happens within Roblox, we’ll be here to report about it.

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