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Apex Legends Valentine’s Event Coming

by Prima Games Staff

The latest popular Battle Royale on the block, Apex Legends, will be running a Valentine’s Day celebration event this week. Following a blistering opening week for Apex Legends, Respawn Entertainment has looked back on the game’s success. Celebrating over 25 million players, a new update post by Respawn CEO Vince Zampella thanked the community for their feedback and revealed some upcoming plans.

Along with a reminder about the upcoming Season One which starts in March, Zampella had the following to say about a certain romantic event this week:

“We’ll be celebrating Valentine’s Day by introducing some limited-time Valentine’s Day themed loot, so all you (Apex Legends) lovers out there keep your eyes open.”

What this special loot will entail, we can’t quite be sure. It may just be some nice weapon skins or special effects (we’d like a love grenade that explodes in hearts), but there’s always a chance we’ll get something more substantial like a map alteration or changes to the Legends’ looks or abilities.

In the post, Zampella also reminds players about the Twitch Rivals tournament. Organized in partnership between Respawn and the Streaming service, the two-stage event challenged streamers from North America and EMEA to earn as many wins and kills as possible within a four hour period. 

The first stage of the event took place last night, with battle royale streaming champ Ninja coming out on top with squadmates Dizzy and King Richard. You can rewatch the stream on the Twitch Rivals channel, and the second stage is due to take place on February 19.

Can Apex Legends maintain its opening levels of success and outpace even the behemoth of Fortnite? That remains to be seen, but Season One will certainly help when it arrives in March, bringing with it a Battle Pass and Legend, along with new weapons and loot. Following the formula laid down by Fortnite seems a sure way to keep attention on Kings Canyon, so we can’t wait to see what challenges they’ve cooked up when Season One launches.

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