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Apex Legends Season 2, New Character, And More EA Play News You May Have Missed

by Liana Ruppert

Apex Legends is gearing up to shift into its second season 2 next month and to get battle royale fan hyped, Respawn showed off what’s coming down the pipeline during this year’s EA Play. From a new character, to new weapons, season 2 seems to be much more chaotically fun than its debut season. 

First up, the new Legend! Meet Wattson, the latest character with an affinity for electricity. We’ll be getting a chance her out later this weekend during the showcase, and honestly can’t wait to see how she feels ahead of her July 2nd debut. Check her out in the adorable short clip below: 

There is also a new weapon that fans get their hands on, and it’s a lovely throwback to Respawn’s other main franchise: Titanfall. The only downfall to the L-Star is that it will be restricted to care packages – which, fair. The gun definitely packs a huge punch, so it makes sense then that they would make a bit of a chase of it. 

In addition to the new character and the return of L-Star, they also revealed a new Ranked Mode as well, which gives players a chance to score some sweet rewards while rising in the ranks.

But of course, we wouldn’t be talking about a battle royale game if we didn’t talk about a Battle Pass. Season 2’s will offer much more than the debut season, including more balanced leveling, new bounties, and so much more. You can check out everything on the way from Respawn’s online game over on the official Apex Legends website right here.

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