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Apex Legends Player Spots Crypto Character in Middle of Game

by Nicholas Barth

The popular battle royale game of Apex Legends is gearing up to add a new character to its vast roster. This character is expected to be the hacker known as Crypto. Respawn Entertainment has been providing plenty of teasers for the arrival of Crypto recently. However, the latest teaser has been by far the coolest. 

Community member FrozenFroh took to the Apex Legends subreddit on Tuesday, September 17th and posted a video of themselves exploring a particular area. FrozenFroh soon comes upon a window where they spot Crypto attempting to hack a computer with his drone guarding him. The drone soon alerts Crypto to the presence of the player and causes the hacker to escape. 

This major teaser for the new character is the first time the Apex Legends community has gotten a look at what the in-game character model for Crypto will look like when he is officially released. 

It is expected that Crypto will be added to the Apex Legends roster when Season 3 kicks off for the high-profile battle royale game. 

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