The new gameplay trailer for the latest Apex Legends season is now here. You can check out the footage for “Escape” down below.

Apex Legends New Season "Escape" Trailer Shows Off New SMG, Legends, & Map

The trailer shows off the brand-new island paradise map known as Storm Point. With beaches, man cannons, monsters roaming the map, and more, it’s sure to be a fan favorite. The vehicles from Elysium are present across the new map, and the new season is bringing another new weapon to the fight. 

The C.A.R SMG from Titanfall 2 finally makes its way into Apex Legends. Adding to the roster of close encounter weapons the C.A.R is sure to shake some of these close-knit fights up.

The trailer also shows a quick glimpse of some of the new items in the Battle Pass, including new character and weapon skins for players to earn. 

Of course, it wouldn’t be a new season if it didn’t include an entirely new character to the Roster. For fans of Titanfall 2 the Apex Legends herself, Ash has arrived. With an electric tether and her Ronin sword, Ash is sure to slice through all of the competition. 

You can check out the trailer in its entirety below, and the new season of Apex Legends starts on November 2.

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