Apex Legends has officially launched its Legendary Hunt and battle royale fans can enjoy a plethora of new skins, challenges, and more within the online world that Respawn has built. 

"Get ready to hunt the most dangerous game: the Legendary Hunt starts now," boasts the studio regarding the newest event. "A new elite queue, themed rewards, bonus XP, and more are live for a limited time -- check out the full schedule below, and happy hunting."

There is also an Apex Elite Queue from July 4 through July 2nd. For those that make it into the top 5 in any match, they can earn their way into a special queue just for top winners. It's a neat way to show off those bragging rights for being "gud" while also just giving another opportunity for more evenly matched matchmaking.

Battle Pass owners will have special access to a Night Terror Wraith skin and Prey R-301 weapon skin for doing the Hunt challenges. For everyone else: 

  • Legendary Hunt Badge -- Finish in the Top 5 in any match.
  • Rare Wolfpack G7 Scout weapon skin -- Finish in the Top 5 in an Elite Top 5 match.
  • Epic Master of the Hunt Bloodhound Legend skin -- Finish in the Top 5 five times in any queue (consecutive or nonconsecutive).
  • Legendary Tamed Beast Triple Take weapon skin -- Win twice in any queue (consecutive or nonconsecutive).

Apex Legends players will also get bonus XP during the event, with a double XP weekend event kicking off on June 7th at 10AM PT until June 10th at the same time. 

The fun has already started for Apex Legends, which is free-to-play now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.