Apex Legends is receiving an anniversary event starting February 9 to celebrate two years since its launch. The trailer, which can be seen below, features the Legends Mirage, who has very lovingly put together a slideshow of the events over the previous two years.

Apex Legends Celebrates Its 2 Year Anniversary With Limited-Time Cosmetics & Modes

It showcases new anniversary cosmetics such as emotes, skins, finishers, and more. The new Locked & Loaded takeover playlist launches on February 9, alongside all of these new cosmetics. 

Here are some more details on the new game mode playlist from the Apex Legends website:

“Another Takeover is hitting the normal Play Apex playlist. In “Locked and Loaded”, hit the ground with a full loadout of level 1 gear. You’ll have a Mozambique, White Shotgun Bolt, HCOG Classic Scope, White Evo Shield, White Helmet, White Backpack, White Incap Shield, two Syringes, two Shield Cells, and one stack of shotgun ammo. What more could you possibly need, right?

All Common/White level attachments and equipment will also be removed from the loot pool (outside of Common scopes) during the takeover. Drop in and knock ’em out!”


Apex is bringing back 24 fan-favorite cosmetics and giving them a crimson red coat of paint. So be sure to play through the events to try and get these exclusive new items. 

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