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BioWare And Blomkamp Release Anthem Short Film “Conviction”

by Prima Games Staff

EA and BioWare have teamed up with District 9 and Elysium director Neill Blomkamp to create a short film based on the online sci-fi action game Anthem. The live-action film also serves as a trailer, giving viewers a brief history of the world and how it came to be ruined.

Titled Conviction, the film features a mother telling a child about how the people were once slaves, ruled over by the Urgoth. After a successful rebellion, walls were built to keep civilization safe for the hostile and toxic outside world. We then see the signature flying suits in action as the film teases several different plotlines. They include finding a girl from outside the walls who isn’t protected by armor, a father promising to return to his son, a fight between pilots over a betrayal and more.

Conviction teases more than it tells, but fans aren’t likely to see any follow-up. Perhaps Anthem players may find something in the game, but given how Conviction is set decades before the events of the game, they will most likely be Easter eggs or vague references.

We’re sure to find out one way or the other when Anthem officially launches on February 22 for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Origin Access Premiere subscribers can jump into the game early starting February 15.

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