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Animal Crossing: New Leaf Fashion Fiesta

by Prima Games Staff

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, not only can you customize your town, but you can also customize yourself! Clothing has always been a key feature in the series, but this time around there’s even more fashion selections available. With the ability to make your own clothing (see our post Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Pattern Possibilities) your options are endless and clothing isn’t limited by gender! Now, anyone can wear the pants in your town.

With 16 slots in your inventory (plus making use of some open letter slots) you can carry some extra tops, bottoms, shirts, hats, accessories, socks, and shoes. This means you always have plenty of mix and match styles at your disposal. Switch it up and wear something new every day or perhaps have a new clothing theme every week.

Tell us your favorite fashions so far. Are you all about subtle details or do you prefer to make loud, bold statements with your clothing choices? Share your latest ensembles!

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