Animal Crossing: New Leaf Diary Day 2- Primo Real Estate

Tom Nook wants 10,000 bells.

Yesterday marked a very late arrival in the fictitious town of Delfino.  Seeking official registration, I visited Tom Nook of Nook’s Homes to buy a house, only to discover that the sharply-dressed raccoon wouldn’t allow this until I came up with 10,000 bells, the game’s official currency.  He also suggested we both go for a walk with the purpose of finding the right spot to build.  Much to my dismay, the game prevented me from choosing specific locations for different reasons, so I settled on an area just above the river; in the meantime, Nook hooked me up with a yellow tent.

As for coming up with 10,000 bells, that seemed like an issue, seeing as how I had no option for employment.  This is ultimately where I learned about a second-hand shop called Re-Tail. Operated by two alpacas, Reese and Cyrus (asleep for now), this store lets players purchase and sell different items for bells; they also buy turnips, and I’ll have more on that in a future update.

Shaking trees became my go-to method of acquiring loot, be it oranges, beehives (these bothersome critters attacked on several occasions), bells that dropped from said trees, flowers and seashells by the beach.  

It was slow-going at first.  Reese offered roughly 1,600 bells with each trip, and 16 inventory slots resulted in much back-and-forth.  The process went significantly faster once I purchased a shovel for 500 bells at Nookling Junction, which is operated by Timmy and Tommy Nook, Tom Nook’s sons.

The shovel is essentially a money-making tool.  First, I was able to unearth fossils and sell them at Re-Tail or donate these findings at the Museum, much to the delight of caretaker Blathers the owl; sorry Blathers, I need that money.  Second, hitting specific rocks around town proved extremely valuable, as doing this produced bells or different items; hit rocks on a daily basis.

Isabelle eventually interrupted, bringing up the need for a Town Pass Card to visit other people’s towns. She also informed me of a ceremony commemorating my arrival and acceptance of the mayor position.  This involved planting a baby tree with a few residents looking on.

Afterwards, Joey the duck said it was my mayoral duty to regularly speak with everyone.  He was followed by Curt the bear, who brought up Nookling Junction and the Able Sisters, the latter of which sell clothes and change stock each day; considering my current wardrobe, visiting these sisters is a good idea.

I still haven’t wielded mayoral power just yet, but with almost 7,000 bells in my pocket, Tom Nook will construct that house eventually.  For now, it was time to leave Delfino and reflect upon the day’s events.

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