Animal Crossing: New Horizons HUD-Free Camera Added As Official Feature

Since Nintendo took away the hack to make an HUD-Free camera option available, the team brought it back as an official feature.

Back in early July, Nintendo removed a HUD trick that Animal Crossing: New Horizons players were using to capture in-game footage and snaps without all that messy extra HUD. The removal was instantly met with backlash, especially from content creators that share footage from their escapades without all the busy additives. Instead of keeping it removed, however, the Big N has added the HUD-free camera trick once more instead this time it’s an actual feature, not a hack. 

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With the latest update, players can active the HUD-less camera experience simply by clicking on the right stick while in the app. This allows for clips and photos to be taken without anything unneeded without having to try to use a trick that no longer exists. 

Players were more than miffed when the trick was removed, though Nintendo has always been incredibly proactive when it comes to their games and any bugs that threaten to compromise them. That being said, it’s nice to see that they listened to the reaction, and added this option as an official feature instead. 

With the August update coming out soon bringing back dream traveling, fireworks, and so much more, the world of Animal Crossing: New Horizons continues to build upon itself in the most beautiful way possible. There’s just one thing we want to know going forward: where the heck is Brewster? 

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So go forth and prosper, Animal Crossing fans. Take all of the pictures and video you want, because now you can even more easily without the HUD junk clogging up your screen! 

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