A lot of you have been enjoying Angry Birds Star Wars since its mobile release last month, and, honestly, it is the ideal hybrid between the long-running space saga and Rovio's popular strategy game series.  But the fun is just getting started for this series.

Rovio has announced that the next expansion for Angry Birds Star Wars, featuring the Hoth levels, will debut tomorrow on the mobile front.  Players will be able to go through a number of new snowy stages, knocking down obstacles and strategically eliminating those dastardly pigs.  For good measure, Princess Leia will also join the cast of birds, able to destroy objects just as well as, say, Luke Skywalker and Han Solo.

The expansion will be provided free of charge, you simply need to watch out for an update that adds them on.

For good measure, Rovio also released a new trailer highlighting the Hoth levels, and while it doesn't feature any in-game action, it does feature pig AT-AT's clumsily trying to maneuver their way across ice.  Hey fellas, you ever hear of snow shoes?

Angry Birds Star Wars is available now for mobile devices, including iPhone and Android.