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Amazon Exclusive Palutena amiibo a Huge Success

by Prima Games Staff

Upon learning Nintendo’s Palutena amiibo would be Amazon exclusive, collectors (us included) had some doubts.  Previous exclusives were available online and in-store, increasing the odds of finding these figures among mobs of interested fans. 

We soon learned Amazon had a high albeit undisclosed number of Palutena in stock, and planned to limit her to one per customer.  With hopes high, we impatiently waited for the figure to go on sale 2:00 PM PT this past Friday.

Things got off to an awkward start with the Amazon website immediately going down at 2:00 PM, resulting in presumably thousands of worried amiibo fans refreshing the page. Thankfully this only lasted a few minutes, and once the site came back online, Palutena was in stock for little over an hour. Basically, if you wanted the amiibo, she was yours between 2:10PM and roughly 3:10 PM.  If you attempted to buy prior amiibo exclusives (Meta Knight and Rosalina especially), you already know this was unprecedented and a welcome sign of perhaps good things to come.

Even better, Prime members received their Palutena amiibo on Sunday. We’ve seen a few damaged boxes from the r/amiibo community due to packaging mishaps, but overall, we applaud Amazon for what turned out to be a respectable launch. Whether or not the company will be able to sell additional Palutena remains to be seen, but considering Target wound up restocking Jigglypuff, it seems likely the Goddess of Light will be in stock in the near future.