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Is Aliens: Colonial Marines Getting a Season Pass?

by Prima Games Staff

Aliens: Colonial Marines is just about ready to go for launch, but before it even arrives in stores, we’re already hearing whispers about some kind of downloadable content Season Pass for the game.

Listings for the Season Pass have begun popping up on GameStop, Green Man Gaming and Amazon, indicating a price of around $30.  This will offer four downloadable content packs, usually running at a total of $40, for ten dollars less.  No word yet on what this DLC is, but multiplayer maps and possible character additions (Ripley?!) are being considered.

We’ll have more information once Sega officially confirms it, but it looks like you should prepare yourself for some awesome DLC.  Let’s just hope we have enough pulse rifle ammo to handle what’s down the road.

Aliens: Colonial Marines hits stores on February 12th for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and will arrive on Wii U later this spring.