Aim Assist is Supposedly Weaker in Modern Warfare 3

Back to the aim trainer.

Aim Assist MW3
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Aim assist has been nerfed in Modern Warfare 3, according to streamers such as Repullze and Shotzzy. During the COD Next 2023 event, steamers and Call of Duty League players alike have been able to test out MW3 live for their audiences. While they have been hands-on, there seems to be a noticeable change in the way that aiming works for controllers.

There is no secret that MW2 has had some of the strongest aim assist in the entire Call of Duty franchise, so it was only a matter of time before changes were made. With XDefiant on the way, this is a critical time to tone down the strength of controller aim assist, and this has been reported in the tests at COD Next.

Shotzzy, one of the SMG players for OpTic in the Call of Duty League, was one of the first to comment on the aim change in his own stream. “I think we’re back bro, the aim assist actually takes skill,” claimed Shotzzy, and he wasn’t the only one to do so on stream. Repullze is another major Warzone streamer to make the same claim.

“Shotzzy noticed it, I noticed it. It definitely feels like they nerfed aim assist for sure, which is a good thing,” said Repullze. All of this is happening at the COD Next 2023 event, so many of the claims are still early and will likely need to be tested during the beta. But that doesn’t mean players can’t feel the changes. Even Scump has made the same remark about the aim change.

Overall, this is good for the health of Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone. Aim assist was clearly overtuned in MW2, and nerfing the initial lock was inevitable. But keep in mind this could also feel different due to the changes in movement and TTK. Tracking is more important than ever for longer gun fights in MW3.

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