Activision Blizzard Acquisition by Microsoft Expected to Finish by Next Week Barring Any Complications

The deal is close to completion

After what’s been a very eventful set of trials and tribulations for Microsoft, it seems as if the Activision Blizzard merger may hit its final stages and be completed by next week. At least that’s what The Verge Senior Editor Tom Warren believes as the CMA’s deadline for feedback on its provisional approval of the deal is approaching.

Several entities have heavily scrutinized the Activision Blizzard and Microsoft merger. One of such is the UK’s Competition and Market Authority (CMA), which successfully blocked the deal back in April of this year. Microsoft and Activision were in the process of appealing that ruling to the Competition Appeal Tribunal (CAT). However, after restructuring the deal, they addressed these concerns, and the deal seemingly managed to gain the approval of the CMA.

Back in July, Microsoft won its case against the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) after a grueling back and forth in court. If Microsoft wins its appeal with the CMA, nothing will stop the company from fully acquiring Activision Blizzard. Both companies intend to close the deal on October 18, 2023, barring any new complications.

Now, it seems as if the Activision Blizzard merger will finally come to an end and officially become a thing, as Microsoft and the Call of Duty holder have officially answered all the concerns on cloud gaming competition and other sorts of problems that major regulators had. With this, Microsoft will have ownership of franchises like the aforementioned Call of Duty, Candy Crush, and Overwatch, among others.

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