Ever since it officially arrived last week as both a stand-alone title and a pack-in with the Premium Deluxe bundle, Nintendo Land has struck a chord in the Wii U universe with both veteran and casual players alike, with its nods to old-school favorites and its fresh solo and multiplayer activities. Although Nintendo's system doesn't really have a way to mark achievements on your player profile, you can track in your in-game progress another way – through a collection of stamps.

By completing certain activities in each of the twelve attractions throughout the park, you earn stamps that you can share with your friends. Each one comes with five, and though we won't break them all down here for you (some of them you just need to work at), we've decided to devote the latest Achievement Hunter guide to getting your stamp collection started.

Let's roam through each area with a stamp for each.

The Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest (1-5 players)

To earn your first stamp in Battle Quest, it's easy. Just collect 100 rupees. These can be found over the course of each stage, and the more you pick up, the more you're rewarded. If you go the extra mile and rack up 1,000 rupees over the course of your journey, you'll snag a second stamp for good measure. And the more quests you finish, the more stamps you can possibly earn.

The key to earning rupees is to maintain an unbroken combo of hits on the various enemies around you. These also include jugs, too, which can hide their own goodies (like coins and hearts). The harder the enemies are, the more rupees you'll receive. One other thing to keep in mind is, when you take damage, you also lose rupees. Make sure to stay on your guard!

Pikmin Adventure (1-5 players)

You'll need to be quite protective in this activity if you want to earn your first stamp. To do so, you'll need to make sure that the Helper Mii who's lending you a hand in single player doesn't take any sort of damage.

One way to help out your Helper Mii is by allowing them to take the nectar that falls out of enemies and broken blocks. Sure, this comes at the expense of leveling up, but it helps to create a more balanced team.

Metroid Blast (1-5 players)

If you want to get somewhere in this awesome blasting mini-game, it's easy. You'll simply need to beat 100 enemies in a single run. That sounds a bit difficult, but with enough firepower, you'll be able to get it done. Just wait for the level where you have to defeat 100 enemies and, if you want to get any further in the game, you'll earn this stamp no matter what!

Want a second stamp on top of that? In Level 10, hop into Kraid's belly, through his mouth (yes, eew) and beat him.

Mario Chase (2-5 players)

For Mario Chase, earning a stamp is easy, depending on how many players you're going up against. To earn the first one, you merely have to play as Mario and win a round without using a star to get away from your pursuers.

If you prefer, you can play as Toad and try your luck catching Mario, and if you manage to do so in under 20 seconds, you'll earn another superstar stamp. Easier said than done, and we won't tell you that connecting as a fake second player is an easy way to achieve these stamps. That would be cheating...

Luigi's Ghost Mansion (2-5 players)

This competitive game is about to get even more so with the introduction of a few stamps to earn. To achieve your first one, you merely need to win ten times as the Ghost in a round – without interruption. Again, faking a second player would be the easy way towards this one, but is it really fun?

If you prefer to play as Luigi, however, you can earn another stamp merely by beating the Ghost without using any batteries – easier said than done for that scaredy cat.

Animal Crossing: Sweet Day (2-5 players)

It's a battle between the animal and the gateskeepers in this fun multiplayer romp – and you can win stamps on either side. If you're playing as the animals, just collect every piece of candy on the map to win.

If you're on the gateskeepers, you'll earn a stamp simply by tackling an elephant, using either the RZ or LZ buttons while charging. (There's a certain timing to it, but as you can see, it's rewarding.) Just like Mario and Luigi, the faked second player gives you a clear (but dishonorable) path to these stamps!

Yoshi's Fruit Cart (1 player)

You're going to need to do some serious egg collecting – and have a bit of an appetite – to get some stamps here. The first is rewarded by collecting five eggs and then making a successful run for the exit. You collect eggs by filling up your power meter to the top. Just keep your wits about you during a later level with a bunch of fruit and make quick work of them for an easy five eggs.

However, if you're hungry, you can also earn a stamp by using chilis to eat three bees. (Thankfully, you don't have to eat them all at once.) For a third stamp, stand close to a pit without falling in (watch out for the "!" sign) in one stage run.

Octopus Dance (1 player)

Who says it doesn't pay to have two left feet? You can earn a couple of stamps if you're really good with your dancing skills. If you manage to earn 10 Perfects in a row during your routine, you'll earn a stamp as a reward. You'll also earn one by beating all five levels offered within the game. Finally, if you can stand the thought of getting a little dirty, you'll get a stamp after getting inked three times by Little Octopus. (Get a wash rag after.)

Takamaru's Ninja Castle (1 player)

Here's where your throwing skills will be put to the test as you fling throwing stars at cardboard ninjas. Getting a 10-hit combo will easily earn a stamp in your collection, while deflecting stars thrown by enemies ten times (without dying) will earn you another. Finally, if you really want to test yourself, take down 100 enemies in a row without letting one of them slip by. Good luck!

Captain Falcon's Twister Race (1 player)

This tricky racing game isn't without its rewards, and if you do good enough, you'll garner plenty. Hitting all the rainbow ramps in succession in a run will help add a stamp to your collection, as well as collecting four star power-ups in one single race. (Some are more scattered than others, depending on what run you're making. Just make sure you watch out for obstacles that can slow you down!)

Donkey Kong's Crash Course (1 player)

This tricky course has you guiding a rather flimsy cart through an old-school Donkey Kong-style stage – hardly as easy as it looks. If you manage to make it perfectly through Area 2 without crashing, the first of the stage's five stamps will be awarded. You'll also earn a couple by skipping 30 bananas in a run or being able to maneuver past a checkpoint flag entirely. This may take a few tries, but the stamps are worth it.

Balloon Trip Breeze (1 player)

Finally, in this NES inspired mini-game, you can earn a couple of the five offered stamps simply by completing certain activities. The first requires you to levitate over a section of water until a fish appears, then avoiding his wrath and getting away clean. If you prefer to go on the offensive, you'll earn an additional stamp by defeating 30 of the birds without getting killed yourself.

Each game has five stamps in all, and some of them are still shrouded in mystery. However, persistence certainly pays off, so just keep working at it and you'll have a stamp collection in no time!

Nintendo Land is available now for the Wii U console.