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Achievement Hunter: Finding All of Assassin’s Creed III’s Rewards

by Prima Games Staff

Ever since it came out last October, Assassin’s Creed III has managed killed it – literally – with the franchise we know, with a new startling setting in the American Revolution and plenty of opportunities to lay Abstergo’s agents to rest. It’s also got a great multiplayer mode, in both the competitive versus and cooperative Wolfpack set-ups, so you can work alongside a group of talented killers like yourself.

But have you gathered all the Achievements/Trophies within the game? Sure, some of them come unlocked easily, like the Complete Sequence 1-12 that you automatically receive for going through the story mode (20 points each). But there are some you can easily miss out on, namely through the side missions and other activities you can perform within the game. It doesn’t have to necessarily be just about killing.

For our latest Achievement Hunter, we did a little digging and came up with a few of the game’s Achievements you might have missed out on the first time around. Follow this guide and add those points to your GamerScore – or the virtual trophies to your collection on the PS3. You’ll show your friends who the better assassin is!


Obviously, going through the game and completing all the main missions is a huge plus… and it takes a great deal of time. But doing so will earn you 50 achievement points, once you 100 percent everything.

Patent Not Pending

Who says you don’t get rewarded for designing something in your Manor? There’s a reason Ubisoft provided you the option, to make it feel like your virtual home away from home. And if you manage to make one of Benjamin Franklin’s inventions to set up in it, you’ll earn 10 achievement points as a bonus reward.

House Party

Recruiting an Artisan for your party has its benefits. Not only do you get a new confidant to lean upon during particular missions, but you can also have them settle on your Homestead. Doing so unlocks this achievement, worth 10 points. And if you manage to track down all the optional characters within the game and convince them that your homestead is the place to be, you’ll also unlock the A Complete Set achievement, worth an additional 20 points.

Original Gamer

Side games are a fun little activity to take part in between your assassination missions and hitting the high seas in the Aquila, and though you don’t have the comfort of a 3DS or PS Vita (it is American Revolution times, after all), you can still play Fanorona, Morris and Bowls at your homestead. Doing so not only gives you the chance of winning, but also gifts you 20 achievement points to boot.

Sailing the High Seas

The Aquila-powered Naval Missions are a huge part of Assassin’s Creed III, and really make you feel like you’re striking out on the high seas at the helm of your own ship. The battles against enemy freighters are remarkable, and the feel of coasting towards new lands with a loyal crew at the ready simply can’t be replicated.

Taking the helm of the Aquila comes with its fair share of rewards. If you manage to upgrade it over the course of your adventure, you’ll unlock the Tumblehome Achievement, worth 10 achievement points. If you track down – and complete – all the Naval Missions within the game (there are quite a few, so don’t be afraid to explore), you’ll earn an additional 40 points (All Washed Up). If you take on all 12 of the Privateer contracts offered within the game, the Enterpreneur, not Pirate! Achievement is all yours for 20 achievement points.

You Can Find Me In the Club

Joining a club in Assassin’s Creed III has its benefits, especially if you’re the sporting type that doesn’t mind challenging members with your superior skills. But you’ll also earn a couple of Achievements in the process.

First off, when you initially receive an invitation to join a club – no matter where you’re at – you’ll unlock the By Invitation Only achievement, which is worth 20 points. If you manage to complete all the available challenges when you’re within the club (it doesn’t really matter which one you choose), you’ll receive the In Good Standing reward, worth 30 achievement points.

Monopoly Man

Some may not see the merits of sending members of their party off to complete missions when you could so easily do them yourself, but the truth is they can perform the job just as well as you. Sending off a convoy to Boston, New York and the Frontier over the course of the game will earn you this particular achievement, netting you 10 points.

Style Counts For Something

For these next few Achievements, you’ll need to perform acts of daring-do, and be precise about it, so make sure you get practice before you try taking them on.

Predator: You’ll score 10 Achievement points for hanging five enemies with rope darts. Rather simple once you get the hang of it.

Prince of Thieves: This one’s a bit tricky, requiring you to loot a convoy without killing any guards. Time to get all sneaky. You’ll get 10 Achievement points as a result.

Jager Bomb: No, you’re not drinking. You’ll simply need to kill 10 Jagers before you lose your fully Notorious ranking. Not easy, but well worth it for the 20 Achievement points.

Whit’s fur ye’ll no go by ye!: Weird spelling, yes. But if you manage to block a firing line five times by using a human shield, you’ll earn 10 Achievement points as a reward.

Spit Roast: It is possible – and enjoyable – to kill two soldiers in one shot with a musket. Once you get the hang of it and execute this move, 20 Achievement points await you.

Circus Act: Finally, if you manage to get hold of a cannon, let loose in a field of soldiers with it. If you manage to kill 15 guards in one shot, you’ll earn this 10 point Achievement.

Collect Like Crazy

Finally, Assassin’s Creed III is great when it comes to finding collectibles and doing so throughout the game has ample rewards. Finding every page of Ben Franklin’s Almanacs will net you 20 points (Blowing In the Wind), completing all the progress tracker grid entries gets you 50 points (Completionist) and finishing the epilogue missions that are unlocked after the end credits will net you the final Fin award for 30 points.

Assassin’s Creed III is available now for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U and PC.