Achievement Hunter: Breaking Down the New Halo 4: Crimson Map Pack Achievements

Want to know how to clock in 250 extra Achievement points? We break 'em down for you.

Earlier this week, we posted a special that broke down the new Halo 4 Crimson Map Pack that’ll be making its debut in the Xbox Live Marketplace next week for a meager 800 Microsoft points ($10, or free if you subscribe to the Season Pass.) Each one – Wreckage, Harvest and Shatter – have something unique to offer to every player, no matter what your skill set. The new DLC Matchmaking playlist will assure that you’re not entirely paired up against pros – even though you will have to face them eventually. (Hey, how are you gonna be good at Halo otherwise?)

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We’ve just gotten our hands on a fresh Achievement list for the new Crimson Map pack, with 250 points that can be added to your GamerScore overall. Some of them are fairly easy, while others require a bit of skill and mastery to earn – just the way Halo fans like it.

Let’s kick off our latest edition of Achievement Hunter and see how you can rack these suckers up.

Now They Fly?- 50 points

Those of you who know your way around a Warthog (especially riding in this one) can probably notch this Achievement under their belts. All you need to do is get a kill while you’re airborne in one. Now, you can probably coerce a buddy to hit a ridge or a ramp, and then nail someone before it lands. Just keep in mind though that you’re the moving target – even standing still, they can be hard as hell to hit.

Size Is Everything- 20 points

This one’s for those who like to take a machine gun turret off its hoist and run around like crazy. This Achievement is awarded after notching 20 enemy kills with the weapon. Fortunately, there’s no time limit to this, so you can be casual as you mow them down – unless you’re in a hurry to win the round, anyway.

ODST- 30 points

Here’s another one of those Achievements where you’ll only earn it while you’re airborne. All you need to do is peg someone while you’re flying in the air with a Man Cannon. Again, it’s a lucrative task, considering how much you’re in motion, but pros should be able to get it without breaking a sweat.

Bigfoot- 20 points

If you’re one of those people who prefer up-close-and-personal kills, like a melee attack with a Plasma Sword, you might just enjoy earning this Achievement. You’ll need to be in a Mantis and kill 20 enemies using its stomp attack. Considering that some of these folks may be carrying serious firepower, that’s easier said than done. Still, when you get the kills, it’s good fun.

David and Goliath- 20 points

If we’ve learned one thing from our many sessions of Halo, it’s that sometimes it doesn’t hurt to shanghai an enemy vehicle and use it against them. In this case, you’ll want to track down an enemy Mantis and hop on board. Even if you don’t manage to get that many kills with it, you’ll earn 20 Achievement points just for taking the ride.

Clay Pigeon- 40 points

Here’s one that once again involves something airborne, but this time it’s not you. With Clay Pigeon, it’s your job to actually pick someone off from the air, which gives you a 40-point advantage. You just need to shoot an enemy out of the air, with whatever weapon you’re carrying, as they’re utilizing a Man Cannon. This calls for something extremely powerful, preferably, though a few assault rifle shots from multiple team members might do it as well. (Note: only the person who lands the final blow gets the Achievement. Ahhh, well, plenty of Man Cannons to go around, right?)

Special Delivery- 30 points

With Special Delivery, you can’t rely on firepower to earn the Achievement. Instead, you’ll need to land a good ol’ fashioned melee attack at just the right moment. Simply plow an enemy with one when landing from a Man Cannon, and 30 additional GamerScore points will be all yours.

Pump Yer Brakes- 40 points

Finally, we have another 40 pointer that’s bound to get some people in a competitive mood, especially if they’re all firing on the same target – in this case, a Mantis. You’ll unlock this Achievement by scoring the killing blow on a Mantis and blowing this to smithereens. Considering the availability of them on the map, however, there’s plenty to go around…

These Achievements will certainly keep players busy over the next few weeks, at least until the arrival of the next map pack sometime in 2013…

Halo 4 is available now for Xbox 360. You can still buy the Season Pass for 2000 Microsoft points ($24.99), which nets you a 15 percent discount on in-game content, as well as an exclusive in-game Falcon emblem.

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