After rumors circulating this weekend about Xenoblade Chronicles 3 being the works after a comment from voice actress Jenna Coleman. The interview with a Youtube channel called Din’s Meteorite, which was posted a few months ago only just recently started circulating this past weekend.

According to New Report, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Is In Fact, In Development

The comment that sent folks circulating the rumor mill was when Coleman was reflecting on her time with the series and said “ Yeah I did it from like pre Doctor Who days, and then when I did the second one they just asked me to come back and I think they are going to do another, common knowledge? Don’t Know if I’m allowed to say that.”

Of course, there was nothing else to substantiate this claim until Fanbyte’s News Editor Imran Kahn posted a piece today confirming the rumors after talking to his sources. You can read the original piece here.

The report talks about this new Xenoblade game being a direct sequel to Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and takes place very far in the future. 

While the game has not been announced officially yet, Khan states in the piece “according to our sources Xenoblade Chronicles 3 was set to be revealed earlier this year, and may still be announced before the end of the calendar year.”

So it’s still possible we will hear about this game soon. With Xenoblade Chronicles 2 being the best-selling game in the series and the recent remaster of the original game with the Future Connected Epilogue, it’s a good time to be a Xenoblade fan. 

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